Video Counseling Fees

Online Counseling Session Per Hour

Our appointments will be done on an online video chat HIPAA-compliant portal. The counseling fee for all first sessions is $200, which lasts 70 to 90 minutes. After the initial session, each 50-60 minute session fee is $150. All counseling fees are processed automatically just prior to the start of each appointment through my payment portal.

Scheduling options include 1-hour, 1-hour and 30 minutes, and 2-hour sessions, payable at the $150 per hour rate. After we have gained momentum in the process, 30 minute “check-ins” may be utilized at a rate of $75.

For example:

1 hour and 30 minutes is $225.00

2 hours is $300

**I also have a limited number of appointments per week that I offer on a sliding scale reserved for special circumstances so please ask if you need help in this area.

Insurance and Payments Accepted

I do not accept any insurance. I would be happy to provide you with a Superbill (upon request), which you may be able to submit to your insurance carrier to get a portion of your payment reimbursed to you. Your insurance provider may accept my practice as an out-of-network provider, if they reimburse for psychotherapy services. Please note that most insurance agencies do not outright cover couples therapy unless one partner is clearly being impacted by a covered mental health diagnosis. Although I can provide you with a Superbill, keep in mind that they may not see it as a reimbursable expense unless I add an identifying a client with a diagnosis.

I accept many forms of payment including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and most HSA or FSA cards.

What to Expect

The first session is learning how to get logged in for the session, going over intake paperwork and consent forms, getting to know you and the problems you are facing, learning some background and history, setting counseling expectations, and setting some goals for our work together. That first session may take as few as 70 minutes, but more often it extends to about 90 minutes so make sure you plan accordingly.

To get the best momentum, weekly sessions are encouraged at the beginning of our work together for at least the first month or two. Depending on your reasons for counseling and progress in the first few months of weekly sessions, we may be able to adjust to every other week for a period of time, and then once every 3 weeks, and then monthly before we mutually decide to end our counseling sessions completely. Keep in mind that counseling is not a quick fix, but a process with many ups and downs, but you are learning valuable lessons and skills to last you a lifetime so you can overcome.

Cancellation Policy

If after scheduling an appointment, you find it is necessary to cancel it, please provide me with a minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation for any reason. Cancellations that occur between 24 hours and 48 hours will be charged at 50% of your session rate. Please take note that Cancellations within 24 hours, same-day cancellations, and no-show appointments will all be charged 100% of your session rate.

*I prefer a 48 hour cancellation if at all possible, so that I have an opportunity to open an appointment slot for another client, but I do understand sometimes circumstances don’t allow that 48 hour notice. Please reach out to me if you miss the cancellation window.

You can cancel by email, voicemail, texting me or canceling through the online client portal.