Hi, I’m Christi!

How can Online Christian Counseling help you?

I want to help you by walking with you through life’s toughest transitions and give you the tools you need to find resilience and thrive through online Christian Counseling.

I have not walked in your shoes and haven’t experienced whatever you are going through specifically. Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic wand to make it all go away. HOWEVER, I can empathize and support you on your journey. I can also help you find what you need to live a resilient life and overcome whatever has you stuck and heartbroken.

I have endured my own life struggles and have encountered many of life’s transitions along the journey. I do know what deep grief. loss, and sadness feels like. I know how anxiety, confusion, and fear can stop you in your tracks. I also know sting of frustration, anger, and betrayal and how those torment you . Feeling all of the feels in life is normal with given circumstances, but you can regain control and find peace. Your feelings don’t have to hold you captive forever.

You do not have to be stuck in the challenging transitions and problems of life on your own. On the contrary those same struggles can actually propel you into becoming the person God destined you to be. Hardships are opportunities, despite everything screaming inside of you to the contrary. You just need the support and tools to help you gain clarity, peace, and the resilience to overcome whatever you are facing.

That is where I can help you!

Personal Background

I am a Christian, wife for 30 years, mom to three on the planet, and one in Heaven.

I’m passionate about helping people overcome the messiness of life, gain the skills to be resilient, overcome, and thrive.

In my free time, I love hanging out with my family, reading, decorating, crafting with my Silhouette, movies, and traveling.

Life has not always been easy for me, however, it is through the difficult times that I have discovered the truth of resiliency in my own life. Those challenging seasons and events are actually what pushed me into my passion for counseling!

Professional Background

My education began at Mercer University with a Bachelor of Science in Social Science with an emphasis in Human Services and a minor in Criminal Justice.  I continued on to Mercer University School of Medicine and graduated with a Master of Family Therapy degree in 2011. Following grad school, I have gained years of experience working with individuals and couples battling various challenges and difficult seasons in life. I have helped couples with marital issues such as communication, trust, affair recovery, setting healthy boundaries, and blended family struggles. I have also worked with clients on divorce-recovery, grief and loss, managing stress, and various life transitions.

I am a Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator, and love using this certification to work with pre-engaged and engaged Couples for premarital counseling, as well as married couples for a skills based couples check-up.

This is by no means and exhaustive list so if you are facing something in your life that you need help with, please reach out and take advantage of a 20 minute FREE consultation with me so we can get a clearer understanding of how I can help you.

Spiritual Considerations

As for my beliefs, I am a Christian and I believe the Bible is true, inspired by God, the Creator of the Universe. I believe that Jesus is God’s only son, who died on a cross as a sacrifice for the sins of all people, and rose again after 3 days . I also believe that salvation is God’s free gift to us.

It is never my intention to inflict my beliefs onto anyone but my approach to counseling does come from a Christian perspective. My genuine approach to counseling creates a safe, nonjudgmental space so that you can be open and we can work as a team to help you reach your personal goals for counseling.

Are We a Good Fit to Work Together?

While reaching out for help is a tough decision, deciding on the right counselor can definitely be a challenge since there are so many to choose from!

Counselors are not one size fits all, nor are the results always predictable and immediate. I have to be honest with you about counseling expectations. It is not always what you expect. Sometimes great results come quickly, and sometimes it takes a long period of time to get to where you want to be. Oftentimes, counseling can even be a painful process before you get to a place of contentment. Counseling requires you to “work on you” outside of session by doing homework that I may give at the end of a session. It looks different for everyone and there is no way to tell you that your challenge will be instantly resolved within a few sessions. On the contrary, it could take months, and for some even years, depending on the problems you are facing and the goals you want to meet. However, what I can tell you is that as a team, we will do our best together to help you reach your goals. Remember though, it’s a process and not a one session fix.

I believe you are the expert in your own life and hidden somewhere under the pain and stress, you have all of the answers. Why do I think that?

The Bible tells us in 2 Peter 1:3, that “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”

I want to help you unlock that knowledge and understanding and give you the tools you need to lead a fulfilling, purposeful, and successful life in all of the parts of your life including relationships, interpersonal beliefs, and even your chosen career path. More importantly, I want to walk with you and support you through your process of finding resiliency.

How Does Online Christian Counseling Work?

Online Christian Counseling takes place wherever you are, as long as you are in a safe, comfortable, and private space, but limited to the state of Georgia. I operate using a HIPAA compliant video chat platform that you and I will log into and meet at a pre-arranged scheduled time. You can log in using any web-enabled device such as a computer, tablet, or phone, or you can download the mobile app for easier access. Once you set up your account, you will just need to keep track of your username and password to log in for sessions. All payments, appointments, and chat features will be available through this platform so that we can work together privately and safely.

Life Challenges

Truly Resilient Christian Counseling can help you with:

Grief and Loss

Managing Relationship Struggles

Blended Family Challenges

Military Marriages

Life Transitions

Coping with Life Stresses

Extended Family Relationships

Setting and Accomplishing Goals

Accountability and Consistency

Christian Counseling

Emotional Support and Listening

Career Goals

Truly Resilient Christian Counseling can NOT help you with:

Mental Illness Diagnosis

Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar or any therapy to treat mental illness

Psychological testing and/or Psychological counseling

Medication Management

Trauma Resolution  or PTSD Therapy

Video Counseling Fees

Online Christian Counseling Session Per Hour

Our appointments will be done on an online video chat HIPAA compliant portal, and are $185 for all first sessions, which lasts 60 to 90 minutes. After the initial session, each 50 minute session is $150. All sessions fees are processed prior to the start of each session through my payment portal.

Scheduling options include 1-hour, 1-hour and 30 minutes, and 2-hour sessions, payable at the $150 per hour rate. After we have gained momentum in the process, 30 minute “check-ins” may be utilized at a rate of $75.

*I also have a few appointments per week that I offer on a sliding scale reserved for special circumstances so please ask if you need help in this area.

For example:

1 hour and 30 minutes is $225.00

2 hours is $300

What to Expect

The first session is learning how to get logged in for the session, going over intake paperwork and consent forms, getting to know you and the problems you are facing, learning some background and history, setting counseling expectations, and setting some goals for our work together. That first session may take as few as 70 minutes, but more often it extends to about 90 minutes so make sure you plan accordingly. To get the best momentum, weekly sessions are encouraged at the beginning of our work together for at least the first month or two. As counseling continues, we can adjust to every other week for a period of time, and then once every 3 weeks, and then monthly before we mutually decide to end our counseling sessions completely. Keep in mind that counseling is not a quick fix, but a process with many ups and downs, but you are learning valuable lessons and skills to last you a lifetime so you can overcome.